ProPrios - Medical Center

New level in rehabilitation of brain and spinal damage

Helping children in learning to sit, stand and walk, acquire fine motor and speech ability by applying most modern technology and know-how in neurorehabilitation.

Using newest robotics in assisting adults after stroke, traumatic brain or spinal injury to reacquire their gross and fine motor skills lost through incident or accident.

  • cerebral palsy
  • craniocerebral injury
  • stroke
  • brain trauma
  • developmental delay
  • spinal damage
  • spina bifida
  • spinal muscular atrophy
  • neuroinfection
  • cerebral hemorrhage 
  • vegetative state

About us

We help where other specialists give up – patients often hear “further treatment not feasible”. The sooner we start, the more chances of successful rehabilitation you have.

About you

A special child must have the best chance to avoid becoming a severely impaired grown-up. Dream of every adult with a CNS injury is to be “as before my incident or accident”.

Why ProPrios

ProPrios is the essence of decades of our work, experience and research in helping children and adults with brain or spinal injury, multiplied by newest technology in rehabilitation.

How can we help in your particular case?

When you should contact us

Your CHILD at any age has been diagnosed with

developmental delay (psychomotor)cerebral palsy(traumatic) brain injurybrain bleed or juvenile strokespinal muscular atrophyspina bifida

You or your ADULT family member has experienced a

(traumatic) brain injuryspinal injurycerebral hemorrhageischemic / hemorrhagic strokespinal strokecirculatory disorder

Why you should contact us

Find out if, and how our experienced multidisciplinary team will be able to help you. 

Obtain more information ProPrios treatment programs and accompanying services.

Schedule your visit & consultation at ProPrios Center, non-binding and free-of-charge.

What you should expect

Who do we help

How we help

Why ProPrios

ProPrios Medical Center


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